SimCity BuildIt Game

Be the hero of your very own city as you design and create a beautiful, bustling metropolis

SimCity BuildIt Game is based on the construction of buildings and factories to make a residential city and raise money to build more sophisticated buildings that are different from the previous versions of the series.

You will use the money to improve and develop factories, stores and public places where the population and experience you acquire opens up new buildings that you can then build.

At advanced levels you will be able to use raw materials to do other things such as getting special things like keys you can use to build private buildings.

How to play SimCity BuildIt Game

  • There are some things from the original SimCity game, as police and firefighters are important for the city’s continuity
  • SimCity BuildIt offers some of the strategy for building places
  • Building some buildings in certain places can be very helpful for the future
  • The buildings you can build are very numerous, including gardens, cultural landmarks and buildings that are specialized in doing something specific such as water, transportation, schools, energy buildings and many more that you can use to expand your city and build other housing to accommodate more people.

Download SimCity BuildIt Game

Flip the Gun – Simulator Game

Awesome arcade game in which you must try to keep the gun in the air by firing it at the right time

Flip the Gun – Simulator Game

Enjoy brand new realistic physics game, Flip the Gun Simulator Game for Android to make your weapons fly using recoil, shoot and as high as possible.

This ultra-realistic physics game is so appealing that you want to try yourself in shooting. Shoot cleverly with pistols and AWP, make burst with bazooka or automatic weapons!

There are coins spread throughout the level that you can collect by hitting them with the gun these will increase your score level. There are also ammo icons that will give you more ammunition to continue firing the gun.

Flip the Gun – Simulator Game Features

  • A fun arcade game with realistic physics
  • 12 physic-based guns
  • Ultimate game Mechanics
  • Shooting with weapons from your favorite games and movies
  • 30 achievements to unlock
  • Challenge mode: each gun has 6 challenges in a total of 72 challenges
  • 13 new guns such as Water Gun, Shock Gun, Freeze Gun and other awesome guns

It is time to try and unlock all amazing weapons and make your gun reach worldwide high score!


Download Flip the Gun – Simulator Game