Space Frontier Game

Shoot the missile skillfully to reach Mars successfully


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Space Frontier Game Simple rules

The game space is very simple in this game, you will have a platform to launch your rocket on the ground.

You have to make the rocket rise as far as possible until it gets out of the atmosphere .and reaches the planet Mars, the rocket rises upward as it develops continuously.

The rocket is composed of several pieces, and after the launch of the rocket you have to get rid of these pieces piece after piece from the bottom up.

You have to choose the right moment to get rid of the piece or the rocket will explode.

Shows a green line above each piece in the rocket and you have the timing correctly to press the screen on arrival For this line.

The more accurate your timing, the faster the rocket will launch.

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Send astronauts to Mars

When you are able to deliver the rocket to Mars you can send astronauts there.

Whenever you send astronauts to Mars you will get more gold coins, every hour is produced a specific amount of gold coins based on the number of astronauts.

You can add many astronauts to the rocket before it is launched, and this cost you some gold coins and the more astronauts increase the cost required.

After the arrival of 50 astronauts to Mars is created a new rocket launcher there and launched towards another planet.

Space Frontier Game features

  • Fantastic game to launch rockets as high as possible
  • The rocket consists of several pieces that are disposed of after launch
  • You have to choose the right time to get rid of the pieces
  • If you miss the timing, the rocket will explode into the sky.
  • Develop the rocket constantly to gain access to Mars
  • Send as many astronauts as possible to Mars
  • You get lots of coins with an increasing number of astronauts
  • A new rocket launch pad is being created on Mars
  • The shape of the rocket can be changed to random shapes

Download Space Frontier Game

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