My Pretend Mall – Kids Shopping Center Town Games


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Do you love My Pretend Home & Family? Do you love Pretend Hospital, Pretend Airport and Pretend Grocery Store? Then you will LOVE My Pretend Mall – Kids Shopping Center & Supermarket Games!

My Pretend Mall – Kids Shopping center games lets you pretend play inside a gigantic mall full of delicious food and snacks like a donut and sushi bar! Grab donuts, drinks, coffee, and head over to the cool sushi bar with sushi moving around the table in a circle like Sushi Boat restaurants!

Head inside the candy shop and dispense loads of candy to your heart’s content! Chocolate candy, gummy treats, cotton candy machines and more!

Head over the Movie Theater, and check out the costumes, accessories, toys, and theater seating! Make yourself comfortable and pretend play on stage!

Head over to the fashion hallway, and try on various costumes and clothes! Hats, accessoreis and more are available in the dressing room!

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Once you’re done eating, and trying on clothes, head over to the gym, and grab some of the free weights, boxing gloves, and start punching the bag! Do your gym routine before heading to more fun areas in the Mall!

Get some more exercise by heading to the Skatepark, and trying the Skateboards and bikes out on the cool ramps!

Go inside the mall arcade where you can play video games, prize claw machines, skee ball, and dance dance arcade games! Grab a drink from the vending machine to cool off!

Go to the rooftop gardens and explore and touch the various plants, fruit trees and animals! Take a nice rest in this tranquil area of the mall!

My Pretend Shopping Mall has SO much to explore, you will never want to leave! From food court to movie theater to skateparks, and arcades! TONS of stuff to do, and explore in another epic Pretend Series game for kids!


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