Mekorama Game

Help the robot to reach the goal


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Mekorama Game

Mekorama game will make you think a lot to solve the puzzles.

Help robot to reach the red dot box to solve the puzzle and take advantage of the utilities.

How to play Mekorama Game

  •  Your goal in solving the puzzle is to help the robot in the puzzle space to reach the square with a red marker
  • Move the robot by clicking on any of the existing squares that are available to move without any barriers between the robot and the place you have selected.
  • The play area can be rotated by dragging in the screen to the right or left to make the playing area available for viewing from more than one angle
  • This feature will help you to solve puzzles easily. There are also invisible parts that need to be rotated to view
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Mekorama Game Features

  • A fun and interesting game and you need a lot of thinking to solve the puzzles.
  • The puzzles are carefully made.
  • Your goal will be to help the robot reach the box with the red tag.
  • The playing area can be rotated to be viewed from all angles.
  • The playing area contains several help elements and may be an obstacle for you
  • Game graphics are very excellent and the acoustics are quiet and comfortable
  • The possibility of adding new stages via the Internet.
  • You do not need an Internet connection while playing

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