Knife Hit Game

Can you beat all the bosses


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Knife Hit

Throw knives with high accuracy and extreme concentration, throw knives at the wooden circle or different shapes, accept the various challenges and acquire them, get new knives in many shapes, and try to hold for as long as possible.

How to play

You do not need a long time to know how to play. The way is very easy.

All you have to do is throw knives at the wooden circle, which is constantly rotating in a regular or random way. The knife must be thrown in an empty space and not on another knife.

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Some wooden circuits have apples, and if you carefully sprinkle on the apples will increase your balance of apples, which helps you to buy more shapes of knives, at each stage will show the number of knives required to throw successfully to move directly to the next stage.

Features of Knife Hit Game

  • Great game for throwing knives accurately and skill high.
  • Easy to throw knives by clicking anywhere on the screen.
  • You should throw knives in an empty space on the wooden circle.
  • Beware of another knife so you do not lose. Move towards the apples on the wooden circle to increase your balance.
  • Meet the new commander every 5 stages in the game.
  • Changing the playing mode and engaging in various challenges.
  • In each challenge you will face your own leader every 4 stages.
  • You’ll get help tools the more you level in the game.
  • Shop for special new knives. Different ways to get new knives.


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