How to bring back the home button to your new iPhone



So you bought the new iPhone X and you’re so happy with your purchase, you love the new technology, a full screen phone with barely no edge at all…

But you still miss the good old Home button, you still think you’re sometimes lost without it, or stuck searching for a way to get out or go back from wherever you are…

In this post i will answer the following questions:

How do i bring back the home button in my iPhone?

Bring back home button in my iPhone X

Non-physical home button in iPhone X

Home button for iPhone X

Step by step i will help you in this tutorial:

1- Move all your apps from the buttom of the screen to make space for the Home button.

2- Go to settings —> Accessibility—> Assistive Touch toggle it to ON

3- On single tab choose “Home”

4- A white button will appear on your buttom line on your screen, Drag it to the centre.

5- Enjoy your good old Home button

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