Google Pixel 2 or Samsung Note 8?

I would vote for Pixel, for the following reasons (in my opinion)
– Pixel (any Google phone) gets any Android OS update very fast! while Samsung are usually slower pushing the updates to their phones.
-Note screen is REALLY big, 6′ was really so big in the hand, why they pushed it to 6.3′!!!
– Interface in Pixel is much simpler than Samsung.
– 2 sims is a +1 to the Samsung.
– Expandable memory slot is only available in the Samsung.
-Quick charging in Pixel 2…and battery life is better too in the Pixel 2
– Price wise…Note 8 is cheaper a little…
And finally, i believe, Samsung is being beaten up in the market recently, it’s a matter of time that Huawei will take over Samsung’s place, the unfriendly interface and the bad reputation for the previous Note phone, all these are pushing Samsung slowly outside the market share, and just recently Apple bypassed Samsung sales in USA! this never happened before!

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