Green line of Death…Apple is Silence …

So the iPhone X is out for few weeks now, people are buying it and so happy with the new features like the full wide screen and the face unlock and other new features too.

Here we have gathered for your all the current problem/complains from some users, without any official response from apple up till the moment of writing this article…

Some users have reported recently what’s called on the internet of “Green line of Death” which is a green vertical line that appear in the iPhone X



Freezing/ not responding or working slower than usual, this was reported in Cold Areas! which Apple said that they’re working on a solution for this matter.


After all, spending too much money for a phone, this phone should be the closest thing to PERFECTION!



Agora is a podcast player that allows you to manage your content easily, stay tuned to each new update of your subscriptions and expand your catalogue discovering new content, but this is not everything…


– Proximity sensor: Bring the cell phone to your ear and the episode will play.
– Timer: Select the time you want the playback to stop.
– Podcast speed control: Increases the audio tempo and saves time to listen to more episodes.
– Save subscriptions backup to iCloud automatically.
– Manage your activity like a TODO app.
– Custom themes (day, night and dynamic).
– Rich notifications.
– Simple gesture-based design to explore the app.
– Quick access with 3D Touch.

Agora has been crafted focusing on the little details and simplicity, and it would be much better if you help me with your feedback or suggestions.

Thanks for being part of this journey.

Enjoy 🙂


Apollo for Reddit

“Apollo is the best Reddit client I have ever used. Period.” – iMore
“Apollo makes the wild world of Reddit more accessible than ever before, and it may just be the best designed social feed app I’ve ever used.” – MacStories
“Apollo is the only Reddit app you need.” – TechCrunch
“Beautiful, modern, and fast.” – Mac Rumors

Apollo is a beautiful Reddit client built for fast navigation with an incredibly powerful set of features. Thanks to features like the Jump Bar, fully customizable gestures, and a super-charged Media Viewer, browsing Reddit has never been this amazing.

It’s created specifically with iOS design guidelines in mind, so it fits right at home on your device, and with input from thousands of Redditors helping sculpt and perfect it over several years before launching:

– Jump Bar, for super-fast hopping between subreddits
– Super-charged Media Viewer for an amazing experience viewing images, GIFs, videos, albums , and more from a variety of sources.
– Tabbed interface for easy navigating
– Incredibly powerful Markdown composer for writing comments and posts
– Full inline Imgur uploading, both images and albums
– Large or compact posts depending on your preference
– Dark mode (can be automatic)
– Fully customizable gestures
– Safari View Controller for browsing articles and links
– Inline previews of media in comments
– 3D Touch support
– Beautifully organized Inbox
– Filtering and blocking
– Face ID / Touch ID / Passcode lock
– Moderator features
– Tons of settings to tweak
– GIF scrubbing to go backward and forward in time
– Multiple accounts
– Powerful search
– Full Markdown rendering
– Unobtrusive Volume Indicator

As well as much, much more and it’s constantly evolving. If you have anything you’d specifically like to see, come to the ApolloApp subreddit and we’d love to hear it!

Apollo is an unofficial app, and side effects may include an incredible browsing experience.