Racing Fever Game

Let’s go as fast as possible with a motorcycle and win races

Racing Fever Game

Enjoy driving between cars on the road and other type of display camera, buy more motorcycles and develop their capabilities.

Play in a free race or run away from the police.

The rules of the race vary in each stage, and before the start of the race show some information about it such as rules, weather, distance, prizes, etc., here are some types of race:

  • Normal race: To compete in the race with gangsters within the game, the player who will reach the finish line first is considered a winner.
  • timing Race: in which the finish line must be reached before the end of the specified race time.
  • Race without traffic: to compete with the opponent in a road free of cars completely, and you have to start with your full strength in the way
  • Racing without a collision: In this race you will not be able to resume playing after the collision and you will lose directly, so be careful.
  • Exclude race: There will be a time counter 20 seconds, after which the player will be eliminated in the last position, and the race continues so that all players rule out and remain the winner.

Racing Fever Game Features

  • Great game and full of enthusiasm for the motorcycle race
  • Easy to control the bike on the road in several different ways
  • The game depends on the speed is great and fun
  • Play in multiple stages and compete with gangsters
  • The diversity of racing rules in stages to increase the challenge
  • Play to escape from the police cars for as long as possible.
  • The possibility of driving a motorcycle without a free exercise. Compete with real players over the internet and earn lots of prizes
  • Buy new motorcycles and develop and change colors.

Download Racing Fever Game


FEATURING WORLD FAMOUS NATIONAL AND CLUB TEAMS The legendary football game on your mobile .


Konami has benefited from the popularity of the world-class PES 2018 game without exception.

So it has mobilized all its power to provide the game on mobile so much that it has spent more time improving it than it did on the same game on computers and  other consoles.

PES 2018 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER is the most demanding football games, and there are a lot of challengers who are waiting for you to defeat them badly after being surprised by your unlimited skills.

The difference is increasing with each update and the players and plans.


  • Graphics and effects are great and very convincing for the specifications of the mobile versus computer specifications, the features of the players are clear and easy to identify them from the first look.
  • Add commentators to the game (currently there are no comments). It contains professional club patrols, where you can live the tournament atmosphere thoroughly from collecting funds.
  • buying and selling players with auctions and improving capabilities. Many and varied patrols. Cover larger and wider for the playground and players of the camera.
  • Plans and real configurations.
  • Super intelligent control by placing the buttons on the screen in a more professional way, although the control is significantly different from the game stick or the control of the Game pad, but control the game PES 2018 has a special flavor will inevitably come back to them.
  • You can play solo or with a friend over the Internet, where the game will provide players with special numbers to play with your close friends (online) and joint patrols between you.
  • The game receives permanent updates and you will always find the latest transfers, plans and updates on fields and commentators.
  • Many settings are varied to suit everyone. Training on the game for beginners.
  • You need a permanent Internet connection unlike computer games and consoles. A Game pad controller can be connected.


Flip the Gun – Simulator Game

Awesome arcade game in which you must try to keep the gun in the air by firing it at the right time

Flip the Gun – Simulator Game

Enjoy brand new realistic physics game, Flip the Gun Simulator Game for Android to make your weapons fly using recoil, shoot and as high as possible.

This ultra-realistic physics game is so appealing that you want to try yourself in shooting. Shoot cleverly with pistols and AWP, make burst with bazooka or automatic weapons!

There are coins spread throughout the level that you can collect by hitting them with the gun these will increase your score level. There are also ammo icons that will give you more ammunition to continue firing the gun.

Flip the Gun – Simulator Game Features

  • A fun arcade game with realistic physics
  • 12 physic-based guns
  • Ultimate game Mechanics
  • Shooting with weapons from your favorite games and movies
  • 30 achievements to unlock
  • Challenge mode: each gun has 6 challenges in a total of 72 challenges
  • 13 new guns such as Water Gun, Shock Gun, Freeze Gun and other awesome guns

It is time to try and unlock all amazing weapons and make your gun reach worldwide high score!


Download Flip the Gun – Simulator Game

Knife Hit Game

The ultimate knife challenge is here

Knife Hit

Throw knives with high accuracy and extreme concentration, throw knives at the wooden circle or different shapes, accept the various challenges and acquire them, get new knives in many shapes, and try to hold for as long as possible.

How to play

You do not need a long time to know how to play. The way is very easy.

All you have to do is throw knives at the wooden circle, which is constantly rotating in a regular or random way. The knife must be thrown in an empty space and not on another knife.

Some wooden circuits have apples, and if you carefully sprinkle on the apples will increase your balance of apples, which helps you to buy more shapes of knives, at each stage will show the number of knives required to throw successfully to move directly to the next stage.

Features of Knife Hit Game

  • Great game for throwing knives accurately and skill high.
  • Easy to throw knives by clicking anywhere on the screen.
  • You should throw knives in an empty space on the wooden circle.
  • Beware of another knife so you do not lose. Move towards the apples on the wooden circle to increase your balance.
  • Meet the new commander every 5 stages in the game.
  • Changing the playing mode and engaging in various challenges.
  • In each challenge you will face your own leader every 4 stages.
  • You’ll get help tools the more you level in the game.
  • Shop for special new knives. Different ways to get new knives.



PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS goes mobile – the original Battle Royale game is now available on your device!


This wonderful game is ranked first in action games in the Apple Store for iPhone and iPad , the game is got 4.6 out of 5 rating .

You must be at least 17 years old to download this game . and the game size is really big , we talk about 2 GB .

This game has been released on desktops but it looks more exciting on smartphones.

How to play

you’ll parachute in, loot buildings to gear up, and do your best to survive all the way to the end. You can go it solo  or create a squad of up to four players if you want to try out a team effort.

Survive the battle with your friends. Invite and team up with your friends, coordinate your battle plan through voice chat and set up the perfect ambush.

The Official PUBG on mobile For Android is free to download , but there is In-App Purchases if you need.

Information about PUBG MOBILE

  • Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPad Air, iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 12.9-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Wi-Fi (5th generation), iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (5th generation), 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation), 12.9-inch iPad Pro Wi‑Fi + Cellular (2nd generation), 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 10.5-inch iPad Pro Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad (6th generation), iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (6th generation) and iPod touch (6th generation).
  • Languages : English, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish