mozaWeb 3D Viewer

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Let’s make learning fun!
Explore the exciting digital content of the mozaWeb. Besides digital books, educational videos, hundreds of tools and games, this application will allow you to access more than 1000 3D animations on your smartphone or tablet.
mozaWeb is a unique portal for students to learn and for teachers to prepare for classes at home. The digital textbooks, interactive 3D animations, educational videos, tools and games can be accessed online from anywhere.

The curriculum-related interactive 3D scenes of the mozaWeb media library turn learning into a playful experience.
Models are freely rotatable and scalable, scenes include built-in animations, many with narrations. Using our predefined viewpoints, the user can easily navigate through the complex scenes. Text labels displayed in structural and cutaway views are available in several languages – which can be useful in foreign language lessons.

How to use the 3D animations

Use the buttons appearing under the scene to switch between preset views.
Rotate the scene by moving your finger on the scene.
Zoom the scene in or out by touching the screen and pinching two or more fingers together or spreading them apart.
Shift the scene (if this function is enabled) by touching the screen and moving three fingers parallelly.

You will find a comprehensive user manual in our 3D animations.

What’s New in Version 1.89

Bugfixes and improvements.

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