MEGA App for Android and iPhone

User-controlled encrypted cloud storage


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MEGA App for Android and iPhone

The world’s most secure cloud storage app.

MEGA, provides up to 50 GB of free file upload and file sharing, as well as advanced encryption and decryption technology to provide high security for user data.

MEGA provides users with free storage space to upload and share files from users’ devices, including photos, video, audio, and other types of files with great ease.

Includes the possibility to search for files and modify and delete as needed, in addition to the possibility to download them safely at any time.

How to use MEGA App for Android and iPhone

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You need to create your own MEGA account using your phone number and e-mail, and you can sign in directly with your Facebook account.

The app provides an icon to easily upload your files from your device to the cloud, as well as to arrange files as needed and synchronize files on all devices.

MEGA App for Android and iPhone Features

  • Upload files from your device to a free storage space of 50 GB.
  • High security and encryption by encrypting your data on the cloud
  • Ability to sort and sort files in the cloud according to your need as a user
  • Download, edit, and delete files easily. Synchronize your files with all your devices
  • Share your files with your friends easily

Download MEGA App for Android and iPhone

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