Infinity Loop: Energy

If your body battery is almost empty, ∞ Infinity Loop ENERGY is the perfect boost to power it.

Infinity Loop: Energy

Infinity Loop: Energy

Connect the lines between power sources and lamps to illuminate them.

Use wireless power sources to illuminate the bulbs without lines.

Play the never-ending stages.

How to play Infinity Loop: Energy

  • Once you play or stage you will realize the idea of the game is very simple.
  • In the playing area there are many lamps and you connect all the lines correctly to these power sources to light the bulbs
  • The touch lines are rotated only to make a valid line to connect the electricity.
  • After solving the puzzle you will move directly to the next stage. The idea of the game depends on the Infinite stages.
  • You will not be worried about the end of the game and the end of the stages

Infinity Loop: Energy Features

  • A unique puzzle game full of thinking and challenges
  • The number of stages does not end and there is no end to the game
  • The complexity of the stages increases as you progress gradually
  • The objective is to illuminate all the lamps by connecting the power to them
  • There are several sources of power in the playing area
  • The power is connected to fixed white lines and can be rotated
  • The power can be connected through the wireless power adapter
  • When the puzzle is solved, move on to the next stage immediately
  • Save game data via connecting it with Google Play games

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