Golf Clash Game

The sun is shining, it’s time to play the real-time multiplayer game everybody’s talking about

Golf Clash Game

Golf Clash Game is an arcade game to play against other players

Golf Clash Game is based on one-on-one play mode and the other player is randomly selected or you can play against your friends.

There are 11 different tour you can choose from, each of these tours must be opened by the trophies you get at each win.

How to play Golf Clash Game

The goal of the game is to enter the ball in the hole with the least number of hits.

If there is a tie (usually a draw will happen) there will be an exclusion game so that you will have one chance to send the ball to the nearest place to the pit and the player whose ball reaches the nearest place of the hole He wins.

To control the ball, you have to drag the golf ball back to the middle of the blue circle and the goal will appear in front of you with a moving arrow.

The closer the moving arrow is to the goal, the more accurate the throw, the more you can drag the ball The blue dot will give the ball a stronger blow but the arrow will move faster, making it harder to hit accurately.

There are also advanced control buttons provided by the Golf Clash, such as the rotation by beating from the bottom or from the top or hit from the side.

There are plenty of sticks and balls that give you a greater rotation power for your golf strikes

You can develop your own gamblers by collecting pieces of equipment that you gain from winning against other players

Each round has several different courses that will be chosen randomly when challenging another opponent, which in turn becomes more difficult when going to the advanced rounds.

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