Gardenscapes Game

Reform land to restore its former glory

Gardenscapes Game

Gardenscapes Game is the fourth version of the famous series of games.

But it is the first to be designed specifically for mobile devices with the addition of the game of collecting similar pieces.

You will be playing in the Butler Austin real estate, which in turn will ask you to help you renovate the real estate.

How to play Gardenscapes Game

  • Austen will make you focus your work and effort on specific areas of the extended land or on its outskirts gradually giving you a series of tasks to accomplish,
  • Most of these tasks are essential to do such as planting plants and trees, adding some chairs and repairing the water fountain
  • Some of these things may be broken or have speeches after some time, water may flow out of the fountain needs to be repaired
  • Austin will renew tasks and add them as needed or when problems occur or when new ideas emerge, making a beautiful motor world filled with wonderful surprises and sometimes bad ones that you can solve, of course.
  • Adding seats will only ask you for one star, but building larger buildings may cost you more. Building a house can cost you two or three stars. All these stars get you when you win.

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