Fortnite (Battle Royal)

Battle Royal


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Fortnite (Battle Royal)

The world ‘s most famous game, introduced in 2017 on various platforms, now available on iPhone and Android phones.

This is the sixth season of the game, excitement increases, fun reaches its climax, horror and madness surrounds you at every moment, do not miss the opportunity to play.

Game Story

The story of the game is very exciting, as the emergence of a sudden storm leads to the disappearance of a large proportion of the population of the earth, bringing zombie-like creatures seeking to eliminate the rest.

The game is sent you by plane to multiple maps of your choice. These maps are built randomly.

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The player drops from the plane through an umbrella in an open ground where the safe space is tightened with time.

The player has to run quickly to pick up his own weapons to win.

Fortnite is one of the greatest war games in history. It is distinguished by its image quality, free movement, strategy and versatility.

Game Cost

The game is free when you download it .but there is a shop that lets you buy some weapons and extra features.

How To download Fortnite (Battle Royal)

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