Racing Fever Game

Let’s go as fast as possible with a motorcycle and win races

Racing Fever Game

Enjoy driving between cars on the road and other type of display camera, buy more motorcycles and develop their capabilities.

Play in a free race or run away from the police.

The rules of the race vary in each stage, and before the start of the race show some information about it such as rules, weather, distance, prizes, etc., here are some types of race:

  • Normal race: To compete in the race with gangsters within the game, the player who will reach the finish line first is considered a winner.
  • timing Race: in which the finish line must be reached before the end of the specified race time.
  • Race without traffic: to compete with the opponent in a road free of cars completely, and you have to start with your full strength in the way
  • Racing without a collision: In this race you will not be able to resume playing after the collision and you will lose directly, so be careful.
  • Exclude race: There will be a time counter 20 seconds, after which the player will be eliminated in the last position, and the race continues so that all players rule out and remain the winner.

Racing Fever Game Features

  • Great game and full of enthusiasm for the motorcycle race
  • Easy to control the bike on the road in several different ways
  • The game depends on the speed is great and fun
  • Play in multiple stages and compete with gangsters
  • The diversity of racing rules in stages to increase the challenge
  • Play to escape from the police cars for as long as possible.
  • The possibility of driving a motorcycle without a free exercise. Compete with real players over the internet and earn lots of prizes
  • Buy new motorcycles and develop and change colors.

Download Racing Fever Game