SimCity BuildIt Game

Be the hero of your very own city as you design and create a beautiful, bustling metropolis

SimCity BuildIt Game is based on the construction of buildings and factories to make a residential city and raise money to build more sophisticated buildings that are different from the previous versions of the series.

You will use the money to improve and develop factories, stores and public places where the population and experience you acquire opens up new buildings that you can then build.

At advanced levels you will be able to use raw materials to do other things such as getting special things like keys you can use to build private buildings.

How to play SimCity BuildIt Game

  • There are some things from the original SimCity game, as police and firefighters are important for the city’s continuity
  • SimCity BuildIt offers some of the strategy for building places
  • Building some buildings in certain places can be very helpful for the future
  • The buildings you can build are very numerous, including gardens, cultural landmarks and buildings that are specialized in doing something specific such as water, transportation, schools, energy buildings and many more that you can use to expand your city and build other housing to accommodate more people.

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Mekorama Game

Help a tiny robot stumble home through 50 puzzling mechanical dioramas.

Mekorama Game

Mekorama game will make you think a lot to solve the puzzles.

Help robot to reach the red dot box to solve the puzzle and take advantage of the utilities.

How to play Mekorama Game

  •  Your goal in solving the puzzle is to help the robot in the puzzle space to reach the square with a red marker
  • Move the robot by clicking on any of the existing squares that are available to move without any barriers between the robot and the place you have selected.
  • The play area can be rotated by dragging in the screen to the right or left to make the playing area available for viewing from more than one angle
  • This feature will help you to solve puzzles easily. There are also invisible parts that need to be rotated to view

Mekorama Game Features

  • A fun and interesting game and you need a lot of thinking to solve the puzzles.
  • The puzzles are carefully made.
  • Your goal will be to help the robot reach the box with the red tag.
  • The playing area can be rotated to be viewed from all angles.
  • The playing area contains several help elements and may be an obstacle for you
  • Game graphics are very excellent and the acoustics are quiet and comfortable
  • The possibility of adding new stages via the Internet.
  • You do not need an Internet connection while playing

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Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free , a game to simulate the flight process in 3D.

complete the many missions and rescue operations for women and children, take control of the plane and ring the sky without limits.

How to play Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free

In the main interface, you will see the last plane you used in 3D.

you can preview it completely by dragging on the screen for any direction, and at the top you will see a level bar that is constantly increasing as you progress to finish the tasks in the game.

as shown by the number of stars you collected while flying in the sky, For the gold coins you can use to purchase aircraft.

Common tasks

  • Takeoff class: A task for beginners to learn to take off the plane from the ground and then control it in the sky.
  • Rescue: You will have to command the plane to save the people waiting to help you at sea.
  • Landing class: a task that may be a bit difficult at first, you will have to land safely on the ground.
  • Pursuit: To chase the stolen plane and find out where it landed, do not get too close to the plane so as not to reveal the chase.
  • Free flight: To fly freely without a specific task to carry out, you can collect the existing balloons to increase the prize you will receive.

Special Assignments

  • Fire Fighter: A mission to extinguish fires in a particular place, where you go to the place and pour water on the fire.
  • Supplies: The goal is to go with humanitarian aid to a particular city that needs food and medicine.
  • Air Race: To enter a race with other pilots in the narrow valley and win the race.

Download play Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free Game

Dig In: An Excavator Game

The latest game of construction and constructions, exciting game divided into multiple levels.

Dig In: An Excavator Game

If you love building games you will fall in love with this new one that requires more patience and workmanship.

Handling heavy equipment is not easy at all. You should always be very careful to avoid mistakes until construction is done on time.

One of the best Simulation Games for smartphones.

How To Play

You can choose between four different work environments and you will have to exceed thirteen different levels of difficulty.

Dig In: An Excavator Game features

-Choose between Simplified controls or challenging Realistic excavator controls.
-4 different construction environments.
-13 levels with increasingly difficult tasks.
-3 fun and challenging bonus levels.
-Dig trenches, move earth, fill in holes with gravel, and bust up concrete with a hoe ram.
-Beautiful 3D graphics and sound design.
-Links to real life heavy equipment opportunities.
-Badge earning through the Skill Arcade.


Requires Android : 4.1 and up

Size : 53M

Download Dig In: An Excavator Game

Stone Giant

You got brand new magnificent character:
• Check his unique skills
• Find out all advantages of transmutation
• Explore the Big city
and smash all your enemies!

The rock gave you explosive super power. Now you are usual guy with unusual abilities and no one can’t stop you now! Neither the police, nor the army, nor the gangs, nor the rest.
Help or punish, become an evil destroyer or a mighty savior for citizens…
Just walk, run, jump, beat, buy, strike, steal, drive, crash, rage, turn, smash, throw, attack, explode, play and enjoy it.
Download the game and start maximum overdrive by your stone fists!