Dr. Driving Game

Burn up the street with the fastest and most visually stunning driving game

Dr. Driving Game

This Dr driving game  is To simulate driving beautifully, test your driving skills in different modes of play, beware of accidents and do what is required of you to win prizes, develop your car to become faster or buy a new car.

The game simulates driving, you can drive the car in several different situations, and you must avoid colliding anything in the way even a simple touch so as not to lose.

Game Mods

  • PARKING: You are asked to drive a certain distance and then place it in a specific place.
  • TRUCK: In this mode, a truck will be driven in the main line for a certain period without accidents. Lane: Drive the car in a straight line, and you have to exceed a certain number of cars to finish the stage successfully.

  • SPEED : You have to drive very fast and reach the finish line before the time runs out.
  • FUEL FUEL: The vehicle must be driven to the finish line successfully before fuel is finished. Broken brakes
  • BROKEN BREAK: In this mode you will drive the car without brakes, which will make it difficult for you to drive

Features of Dr. Driving Games

  • fantastic game to simulate driving a car.
  • Do not hit anything on the road so you do not lose
  • Different modes of driving. Requirements for winning in each mode vary.
  • Control the car through several tools that appear in the interface.
  • Possibility of buying new cars.
  • Develop cars and increase their capabilities.
  • Touch the car or move the phone.
  • Complete stats about your progress in the game.

Download Dr. Driving Games

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