SimCity BuildIt Game

Be the hero of your very own city as you design and create a beautiful, bustling metropolis

SimCity BuildIt Game is based on the construction of buildings and factories to make a residential city and raise money to build more sophisticated buildings that are different from the previous versions of the series.

You will use the money to improve and develop factories, stores and public places where the population and experience you acquire opens up new buildings that you can then build.

At advanced levels you will be able to use raw materials to do other things such as getting special things like keys you can use to build private buildings.

How to play SimCity BuildIt Game

  • There are some things from the original SimCity game, as police and firefighters are important for the city’s continuity
  • SimCity BuildIt offers some of the strategy for building places
  • Building some buildings in certain places can be very helpful for the future
  • The buildings you can build are very numerous, including gardens, cultural landmarks and buildings that are specialized in doing something specific such as water, transportation, schools, energy buildings and many more that you can use to expand your city and build other housing to accommodate more people.

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Gardenscapes Game

Reform land to restore its former glory

Gardenscapes Game is the fourth version of the famous series of games.

But it is the first to be designed specifically for mobile devices with the addition of the game of collecting similar pieces.

You will be playing in the Butler Austin real estate, which in turn will ask you to help you renovate the real estate.

How to play Gardenscapes Game

  • Austen will make you focus your work and effort on specific areas of the extended land or on its outskirts gradually giving you a series of tasks to accomplish,
  • Most of these tasks are essential to do such as planting plants and trees, adding some chairs and repairing the water fountain
  • Some of these things may be broken or have speeches after some time, water may flow out of the fountain needs to be repaired
  • Austin will renew tasks and add them as needed or when problems occur or when new ideas emerge, making a beautiful motor world filled with wonderful surprises and sometimes bad ones that you can solve, of course.
  • Adding seats will only ask you for one star, but building larger buildings may cost you more. Building a house can cost you two or three stars. All these stars get you when you win.

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Hay Day Game

based on the management system of crop cultivation

Hay Day Game is based on the management system of crop cultivation.

The most important element to play Hay Day is to grow crops and harvest them and then trade with your friends on Facebook or Twitter and other social networks.

The game is a social network itself , you can also share your crops and your trade with your neighbors and other friends in the game.

You can also interact with your animals on your farm, and you have plenty of space to cultivate and grow at the time you want.

The crops that you can plant at your farm in Hay Day Game

  • Wheat Corn
  • Soybean Cane
  • Sugar
  • Carrot
  • Nelly
  • Apple
  • Pumpkin

Hay Day Game Features

  • Cultivation of various crops and trading
  • Crop sharing and trading
  • Build your farm and welcome your guests

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Paper Toss Game

This game is oddly satisfying . . . much like tossing a real ball of crumpled paper into a metal trash basket.

Paper Toss Game : throw cards into the trash, subtract the largest number of cards and score the record to compete with your friends.

Increase the challenge by increasing the difficulty of the game, or change the venue to several different places.

Paper Toss Game Features

  • A wonderful and fun game to throw papers into the trash
  • The game depends on the skill in determining the correct direction of the shot
  • Control the paper through the clouds on the screen in the correct direction.
  • The paper path changes according to the air power of the small fan
  • An arrow showing the strength and direction of the air is displayed.
  • You can throw an infinite number of throws.
  • Change places in the game with sound effects related to the place.
  • Increase the challenge in the game by increasing the difficulty of the game
  • Achieve a record by throwing the most number of consecutive successful shots.
  • Competition for first positions online
  • You can play without an Internet connection

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Infinity Loop: Energy

If your body battery is almost empty, ∞ Infinity Loop ENERGY is the perfect boost to power it.

Infinity Loop: Energy

Connect the lines between power sources and lamps to illuminate them.

Use wireless power sources to illuminate the bulbs without lines.

Play the never-ending stages.

How to play Infinity Loop: Energy

  • Once you play or stage you will realize the idea of the game is very simple.
  • In the playing area there are many lamps and you connect all the lines correctly to these power sources to light the bulbs
  • The touch lines are rotated only to make a valid line to connect the electricity.
  • After solving the puzzle you will move directly to the next stage. The idea of the game depends on the Infinite stages.
  • You will not be worried about the end of the game and the end of the stages

Infinity Loop: Energy Features

  • A unique puzzle game full of thinking and challenges
  • The number of stages does not end and there is no end to the game
  • The complexity of the stages increases as you progress gradually
  • The objective is to illuminate all the lamps by connecting the power to them
  • There are several sources of power in the playing area
  • The power is connected to fixed white lines and can be rotated
  • The power can be connected through the wireless power adapter
  • When the puzzle is solved, move on to the next stage immediately
  • Save game data via connecting it with Google Play games

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